It's the ideal solution for any outdoor event.
With an insulated cool bag your picnic or shopping stays hot or cold.
Once you've reached your venue just flip-out the seat and you're ready for a great day.
The Celebration Sit & Go features an umbrella that's great for the rain but if you're lucky can double as a sun parasol.

This neat trolley incorporates a full size flip-down-seat!

Wherever the holidays take you the Sit&Go is a must have.
Great to take to the beach, festivals, outdoor shows, camping or just shopping around town.
The innovative design features a full size flip-down seat, insulated fabric cool bag, large wheels and has a handle height of 89cm.

  • Fully Safety tested for added peace of mind.
  • Steel Frame.
  • Large Wheels.
  • Seat holds up to 15st!
  • Seat height 45.5cm (17.8 inches).
  • Insulated cool bag, holds up to 20Kg.

  • Versatile seated trolley for any occasion.
  • Celebration model comes with matching umbrella.
  • Strong adult size fold away seat.
  • Fully insulated cool bag keeps snacks and drinks cool all day.